Czechia – Mezi námi, o. p. s., PIC 929406374

France – Association M3 MCube – M3 MCube association, PIC 949219788
Poland – Institute for Human Resources Development – Instytut Rozwoju Zasobów Ludzkich, PIC 943659845
Slovenia – MOCIS Center za izobraževanje odraslih, PIC 941029981

Mezi námi, o. p. s.

Mezi námi, o.p.s. (can be translated as “Among us”) supports bringing people of all generations together. The aim of this organisation is to get to know each other, respect each other and together discover new possibilities of mutual cooperation.
Our mission is to connect generations of young children and the elderly from nursing homes/senior houses and those who want to participate in activities organized by our organisation.
The goal of Mezi námi is to facilitate sharing the experience of seniors to children and adults with the aim to contribute to a better quality of life for the elderly, children, adults of working age and their mutual respect and listening.
Mezi námi is a nongovernmental organisation which has a leading position in the intergenerational scope of work in the Czech Republic.

Association M3 MCube – M3 MCube association

M3 MCube association is a non-profit organization based in Paris, France, in 2005. The organization aims to be:

– A catalyst for actions and ideas promoting intercultural a intergeneration communication
– A laboratory for conceptualizing new ideas to implement develompments in technology to bring about progress within society while offering small- and medium-sized associations advice and support for the start-up and development of their activities and projects, specifically through:
– Administrative- and financial-management advice and assistance
– Fund-searching and providing assistance with national or European grant applications
– Association-networking in order to share resources and organize forums and meetings.


Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham e.V. (VHS Cham) is a non-profit association; it acts on the regional level. The total number of fulltime administrative, teaching and training employees is 72 plus about 300 freelancers. VHS Cham provides courses in the field of society, vocation, languages, health culture and special courses (second chance schools and literacy programmes). Totally the VHS Cham e.V. offers yearly more than 1,000 events, approximately 15-20% of the learners belong to the generation 50+. Additionally to VHS Cham runs different vocational schoools, among them the newly founded PAEDAGON which combines a professional academy of social educational theory and a vocational school for child care.

The great part of activities is directed to young people, unemployed persons, 50+ generation also those with migration background and those who want to change qualifications. VHS provides guidance, counselling and vocational information as well as trainings in order to get new qualification adjusted to the labour market. The VHS Cham provides the vocational courses which focus not only on specific knowledge and skills related to the profession, but also development of the social skills, entrepreneurship skills and bringing European values close to the citizens. Due to close border to the Czech Republic, VHS Cham has been working with Czech partners in the field of exchange of experience in the education, tightening cooperation between schools and regional authorities but also cooperated with many partners from other European countries in the framework of the Lifelong Learning and Erasmus+ programmes.

Institute for Human Resources Development – Instytut Rozwoju Zasobów Ludzkich

IHRD is a non-profit, non-governmental organization located in Lublin, eastern Poland with the mission to promote and support education, sustainable development of labour market, employment, and civic responsibility. It employs 10 full-time staff and yearly about 40 experts/trainers/counselors for particular tasks and projects.
Within its activities IHRD has developed a number of projects with the scope of intergenerational communication and social integration. IHRD has significant experience in working in the field of social support. Activities provided by IHRD are developed on the basis of research and cooperation with public social security, NGOs and business institutions.
IHRD focuses its actions on actors discriminated due to economic, social, geographical or other reasons. Main target groups are seniors, youth and women, especially from disadvantaged backgrounds, and long-term unemployed people at risk of social exclusion.
IHRD is a member of European Social Inclusion Platform (ESIP) in Bratislava, where various actors are involved in process of project elaboration and good practices exchange.

MOCIS Center za izobraževanje odraslih

MOCIS, A center for adult eduaction from Slovenj Gradec (Slovenia) is a public, non-profit institution, which was founded by the municipality of Slovenj Gradec and it began to operate in 2000. They involve different target groups in their education, with paying special attention to vulnerable groups (migrants, unemployed, seniors). Their main aim is to increase people’s involvement in lifelong learning.
They provide primary school for adults, secondary school programmes, language courses, computer courses, project learning for young adults etc. They have around 120 members in their university for third age. They offer them programmes such as learning English, German, French, joga, zumba, art history, music … One important part of their work is information and guidance in adult education. At the moment they are implementing two projects: Guidance for employees and Development of basic and vocational competences of employees. Both of projects are financed by Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and European social fund. They also have experiences with organization of intergenerational workshops.