Project meeting in Paris, France

After almost one year of working on this project, all project partners have met again on the project meeting, which this time took place in Paris (France) on September 18th -19th 2018.

We have discussed all our achievements and everything we have already created and prepared during the previous period.

At the same time, we worked hard on the next steps of our project, which are: Educational program for intergenerational coaches and Activity register. So what exactly can you look forward to? 

We will finalize all the needed documents till the end of this year to have the manual and all studying materials for our Intergenerational Coaches training ready.  Pilot period of Intergenerational Coaches training is starting in February 2019. We focused on design of our activity register as well, which we will introduce next year – you will find an original tool and a guide for preparing intergenerational sessions. Stay in touch with us 🙂